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The NeoMAD product provides a set of tools to deploy a very complete integrated development environment for mobile applications. Used either directly in command lines or with an IDE, NeoMAD provides tools for debugging and simulating, both on desktops and mobile phones. The runtime maker relies on a mobile phone knowledge database in order to adapt the application to the phones and distribution constraints.

Once NeoMAD is installed on the developer’s computer, no Internet connection is required to use it.

Minimum configuration:

  • Operating System: Windows / Mac OS X Lion
  • Java JDK 1.6 or later
  • An Internet connection for installation


NeoMAD is perfectly suited to the world of Java and gives developers a tool to write cross-platform applications with a single source code and a project description file in XML.

NeoMAD relies on the flexibility and robustness of Java to develop and produce an application that will be 100% compatible and portable on all phones. A NeoMAD project fully written in Java helps clarify the source code, makes development more simple, allows the application to be ported to various technologies and adapted to all phones, thus making maintenance easier.

The whole project takes place on the developer’s computer. No connection is necessary to use NeoMAD.

  • Local compiler: the source code stays on the developer’s computer
  • Command Line: simple interface, quick and usable for production scripts
  • Java code conditioning: relying on an optimization step using Java constants, this feature of NeoMAD allows binaries to be produced adapted to every functional case of the application and to every phone using one source code
  • Binary optimization: compiled code is optimized for the handset and useless code parts are removed
  • Obfuscation: compiled code is hidden in order to protect it from piracy
  • Emulation: Binaries can be executed using manufacturer emulators
  • Debug: Step by step execution, on-device debug

Eclipse & Netbeans

NeoMAD is perfectly suited to Eclipse and Netbeans as it comes with plugins that give access to all the tool’s features:

  • Creation and modification of the NeoMAD project file (URS)
  • Compilation configuration management
  • Compilation options
  • Application generation
  • Simulation with different emulators available on the market
  • Auto-completion
  • Syntax coloration
  • Hot compilation
  • Debug: step by step running
  • Software Configuration Management (SVN, CVS …)

Other IDE

You can keep your favorite IDE: a NeoMAD project only uses Java and XML, so you can develop it with any existing IDE and have access to all the NeoMAD features.


The URS file, based on the XML language, describes all the elements relating to the NeoMAD project in a centralized way. It provides greater flexibility and fairness for developers and allows the production and generation parameters to be kept in the same place, thus ensuring the reproductibility of your applications’ building processes. This approach also makes it possible to integrate all the software configuration management tools on the market in a easy and flexible way.

  • Compilation options: name, version, conditions, signature
  • Resource management: images, text, sound, video, etc …
  • Text internationalization: multi-languages including Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic … UNICODE or ASCII in, UTF-8 out
  • Conditioning: it is possible to drive resources from mobile phone characteristics

NeoMAD handles lots of features in its libraries:

  • Application life cycle
  • User Interface
  • Resource management
  • Texts and fonts
  • Connectivity
  • Multimedia
  • Address book
  • Local storage …

See features for more details.

NeoMAD comes with additional tools designed to facilitate the production of quality mobile applications:

  • Signing tool for runtimes
  • Font Editor: visual tool to create your own fonts