NeoMAD: cross-platform mobile application development tool

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From development to runtime production

The NeoMAD product provides a framework with a local compilation of the application. All mobile phones can be targeted with one single source code. Furthermore, it makes additional tools available, such as IDE plugins (Integrated Development Environment), a font editor, etc.

Optimized libraries

A set of functionalities is available in the NeoMAD libraries. These libraries conceal portability issues, make functionalities easier to use and reduce the code’s size.

Phone database

Access information from a database in order to find out which phones can be used with your application.

Neomades offers its clients two types of approaches: license and services.


In license mode you drive your development:

  • NeoMAD is installed on your computer(s)
  • The license fee depends on the number of applications created during the year and the number of supported phones
  • Prototyping is free – license fees are due when your application is released on the market
  • The license can be shared between different partners for a given project (e.g. studio for creation, partner for target generation)
  • Neomades provides maintenance, support and updates


In service mode Neomades helps you with regard to a selected part of your development process:

  • Integrate your Java mainstreams in NeoMAD for you in order to obtain a single code
  • Generate runtimes for you
  • Realize functional or compatibility tests for you (in association with partners)
  • Maintain you application for availability on new phones

All these services are defined through service contracts and can be combined with licensing.

Creating a mobile application with NeoMAD requires the 3 following steps.

Application development

Source code must be written in JavaME MIDP and use the NeoMAD libraries in order to enter the NeoMAD generation process. Either the application is developed in a native way by the creator (license) or the already existing application is integrated in the NeoMAD environment by the developer or a third party (license).

Runtime generation

Based on a NeoMAD compliant source code, the JavaME, RIM or Android runtimes are generated by the NeoMAD compiler, either by the developer (license) or by a third party (license).

Real tests

Runtimes are fully tested on target phones according to a test plan that brings together the application’s functional aspects and all network interoperability rules. These tests can be performed by a third party or by partners of Neomades.

Here are some of the many benefits of using NeoMAD for your mobile application development:

  • One complete toolkit
  • Single source code
  • Add new handsets to an application
  • Portability
  • Accelerate the application development
  • Collaborative work
  • Facilitate the maintenance
  • Automate binary generation
  • Quickly create prototypes