Neomades Mobiles Labs: Testing & analysis centre

Download the Neomades Mobiles Labs flyer


Once the application is generated for a set of mobile mobiles, it should be tested.

How to have all the mobile phones on the market or a representative set of mobiles in order to guarantee the quality of the application

Neomades Mobiles Labs was created in order to satisfy this requirement.
Neomades Mobiles Labs provides:

  • 600 configured mobile phones, the most representative on the market
  • A database to access information about each mobile phone: characteristics, etc.
  • A knowledge database to inform developers about good practices for each phone
  • A technical infrastructure in order to download applications from the mobile phone

Who needs Neomades Mobiles Labs?

The Neomades Mobiles Lab is open to companies – mobile marketing companies, application editors, developers, testing companies, etc. – who want the following:

  • Quickly analyse the feasibility of applications on sets of mobiles
  • Determine mobile coverage for applications
  • Efficiently test their applications on a full variety of mobile phones
This centre is located at the “Technopole Izarbel” in Bidart (southwest of France) and is accessible to all companies via a subscription, whether they use or  NeoMAD or not.