New in NeoMAD V3

NeoMAD V3 is a revolution for application development for mobile platforms (mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, etc.):

  • Based on a unique code, NeoMAD V3 can address multiple technologies natively
  • By using a conditional process filled dynamically by a knowledge base, NeoMAD V3 allows various functional branches to be implemented in order to optimally address each technology and mobile platform
  • With its trans compilation mechanism, NeoMAD V3 ensures the scalability of an application on future technologies
  • Based on a generic SDK and an input grammar, NeoMAD V3 can be adapted to cover market needs in terms of input or output languages and technologies


NeoMID is a knowledge database providing all details for each mobile phone on the market both in terms of quality (bugs, performance, etc.) and quantity (technical features, usage, etc.).

This database is used when producing runtimes or all necessary components to produce them and helps the NeoMAD production process to dynamically adapt the application to the selected target.

Unique compiler

This compiler offers the following main features:

  • Conditional compilation: the programmer can decide whether the source code, images, texts are to be used for specified equipment according to conditions
  • Phone characteristics: the programmer has a dynamic access from his source code to all NeoMAD supported phone characteristics and this is used to resolve conditional coding during the production process
  • Unique Interface for multi-platform compilation

Generic libraries

These libraries are used to describe a unique operation that will involve an implementation tailored to each target:

  • MADLibs: set of API with different functionalities and implementations (HTTP, Multimedia, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • MADPresentation: Library to develop a graphical interface with an identical look and implementation regardless of the phone and technology
  • Generic SDK: Library to develop a graphical interface with a look and implementation adapted to each telephone and technology

NeoMAD version 3 is available since the first quarter of 2012. Next versions will come with the following roadmap:

  • V3.0 (Q1/2012):
    • Java ME, BlackBerry, Android, WindowsPhone 7 technologies support
    • Windows development environment
  • V3.1 (Q2/2012):
    • Java ME, BlackBerry, Android, WindowsPhone 7, iOS technologies support
    • Windows or Mac development environments
  • V3.2 (Q3/2012):

    • Java ME, BlackBerry, Android, WindowsPhone 7, iOS technologies support
    • UI definition in XML
    • Generation of the application project in the target platform format
    • Windows or Mac development environments