The National Association for Research and Technology (ANRT) brings together key public and private actors in research and innovation. Its three main actions are CIFRE Conventions, the FUTURIS platform for research prospectives and investments for improving research through partnership practices.

Neomades receives financial support from the ANRT for CIFRE research agreements as part of its R&D.

Aquitaine Amorçage


Neomades is partially funded by Aquitaine Amorcage. Aquitaine Amorçage is a local venture initiative created in January 2002 by the regional authorities and the Caisse des Dépôts & Consignations with a 3 ME allocation. Aquitaine Amorçage grants loans to innovative entrepreneurs.

Aquitaine Regional Council


Neomades has received financial support from the Aquitaine Regional Council for innovation support and technology transfer with research laboratories in Aquitaine.

Atlantic Pyrenees General Council


Neomades has received financial support from the Atlantic Pyrenees General Council (CG64) for innovation and technology transfer with research laboratories in Aquitaine.

ESTIA Entreprendre


ESTIA ENTREPRENDRE’s main objective is to develop a range of added value need driven support facilities and services for technological projects and start-ups.

Based in the south west of France, ESTIA ENTREPRENDRE includes an incubator, a business centre and a business centre dedicated to service and industrial firms with a high technological content. Neomades has been hosted by ESTIA Entreprendre since the beginning of the project.

ESTIA Research – LIPSI


ESTIA Research is ESTIA’s associated laboratory: it welcomes and encourages research activities with nearly 35 researchers, half of whom are young PhD students working on the main engineering sciences which form the cornerstone of the school’s courses: process design, mechanics, automation, robotics, physical process modelling and simulation, information technology.

Neomades and ESTIA RESEARCH work together on Innovation in training and R&D activities.



A top European publisher of Geographic Information Systems, GeoConcept SA is one of the world leaders in mapping applications and optimisation for professional applications. Geoconcept and Neomades have merged their expertise to create and supply GeoConcept Mobile, a toolkit for the development of mobile phone applications providing access to a whole range of geographical and location based services.


logo HERRIKOA13050 bords

Created by business leaders to mobilise solidarity savings, Herrikoa aims to support employment in the Basque country by offering adequate financing to companies. Herrikoa  became a Neomades shareholder at the time of the release of version 3. This investment will enable the technical team to be strengthened, a strong sales team to be developed and partners to be recruited for wider distribution.



The LIUPPA is an applied research laboratory affiliated with the University of PAU (France). Its preferred research areas are software engineering, agents and software components, computer security, information systems, networks and protocols, electronic document processing and images and scientific visualization. Neomades and LIUPPA have brought together their talents to implement innovative research projects in areas of common interest.

OSEO Anvar


Neomades has the OSEO “Innovative Business” label for technology transfer and innovative technology-based projects. The Neomades’ R&D programme has been financially supported by OSEO ANVAR since July 2007.

Pocket Production


Pocket Production designs and develops powerful multi-media services that are easy to use.

Pocket Production and Neomades have  together created a technological base in order to offer user centred content which is simple and pleasant to access from mobile phones.

Pocket Production provides a comprehensive catalogue of smart applications and content.

Pyrenees Gascogne Development

PG Developpement

Pyrenees Gascogne Development, a Credit Agricole Pyrenees Gascogne subsidiary,  is a major player in the southwest of France for the funding of innovative projects with a high development potential . PGD invested in Neomades’ capital at the time of NeoMAD version 3. This investment will enable the technical team to be strengthened, a strong sales team to be developed and partners for wider distribution to be to recruited.



Sentient has been developing and porting mobile games for the North American & European markets for more than five years. The success of each game title managed by Sentient has not only reaffirmed its capabilities but has also resulted in clients having a high level of trust in Sentient’s team. Sentient tests binaries on old, current and new devices before delivery. With an inventory of more than 550+ devices at the Bangalore offices, Sentient always provides a high level of quality. Sentient uses NeoMAD as one of the key tools for porting and has developed a high level of experience on our framework.

University of Poitiers


The University of Poitiers trains specialists in scientific areas and in general and mobile systems in particular. Neomades works with the Department of Fundamental & Applied Sciences for its training devoted to “Application development for mobile devices”.