What they say about us

With the Neomades team and its development framework, our customers will be able to implement and deploy a set of new services and solutions based on our tools and adapt their processes to business needs in terms of flexibility and mobility.GCT Mobility© is an innovative and integrated approach covering all functions of our range of management time software as a first step. We will then enrich our offer by business management and human resources functions. The cooperation with Neomades is rich, allowing a rapid skills aquisition by our team and a perfect merge of our respective expertise areas. The NeoMAD framework is for us both a powerful tool for development, but also a way to protect us from the unbridled market evolutions in terms of equipments and technologies for mobility.

Thierry VOUILLAT – Managing Director Time Management at GFI Software

GFI Chrono Time

We are delighted to work with Neomades and our collaboration has quickly permitted to merge our expertise in CAC™ (Crypto Acoustic Credential) and Pure™ NFC (Near Field Communication) and those of Neomades in a complete solution available on a wide variety of mobile technologies and equipments. The resulting offer pursues our philosophy to guaranty the greatest possible interoperability to our customers.

Pascal Metivier – OpenWays CEO


Neomades is primarily “a team”.
This means working with excellent technicians, an accessible and cordial team.
All projects entrusted to them are realized quickly and are seriously followed.
The NeoMAD technology allows me to distribute my contents on different mobile OS, and thus to gain visibility in the “Stores”.
We are looking forward to iOS…

Florent Trotin – Founder & 64 Telecom GM


We used NeoMAD to create several complex projects, with major challenges in terms of portage. The NeoMAD technology has enabled us to deliver our customers in a controlled time-frame and for a reasonable cost. We continue to grow our know-how on this solution for all projects that require support for more than one mobile platform.

Sebastien Carceles – Founder & Tikimove GM

Tiki Move

As a mobile gaming developer, we are extremely hard to please regarding the performance of the frameworks we are using, development quality and porting being crucial in our sector. NeoMAD solution allows us to significantly enhance our production process, but also makes big savings in porting and test, while keeping a high level of quality.

Sébastien Martin – IFE CEO

IF Europe

Thanks to NeoMAD framework, we have been able to make significant savings and to increase our productivity. Moreover, we have also been able to offer our customers some applications which are compatible with hundred of handsets on schedule and within budget.

Jacques Bousquet – Pocket Production CEO

Pocket Production

NeoMAD framework allows us to quickly develop our games and port them to the entire range of mobiles requested by our clients. The flexibility and the quick learning of the software make work easier for our development team. Using NeoMAD framework means significant time-saving and efficient productivity.

Guillaume Campion – Head of Production at Advanced Mobile Applications