About us

A software vendor

NeoMAD is an integrated solution which provides portability for your mobile applications on both US and European phones. It enables you to create and test applications, generate runtimes for all targeted phones and manage local distribution requirements while taking care of the naming convention, language, logos, etc.

A technical team specialized in mobile applications

Experienced in mobile development and mobile portability issues, Neomades offers all the associated services for the different phases of your application’s creation, generation, production and distribution.

Our history

Neomades was founded in 2006 at the Izarbel Science Park located in the South West of France (BIDART – 64 210) by 3 engineers specialized in mobile telephony, embedded development and software configuration management.

During their previous missions, the 3 founders had been in charge of several application projects for mobile phones: they quickly identified application portability as a risk factor and implemented a successful structured solution.

This is why they developed and documented the necessary tools in collaboration with some of the major market players. Several applications were created using the solution’s prototype.

It quickly became obvious that these tools responded to common concerns of content distributors and application developers which led them to industrialize their production.

Thus, NeoMAD was born. In its first version (V1.0), NeoMAD only targeted the MIDP platform. Released in June 2009, the next version (V2.0) of NeoMAD allowed users to target Android and RIM (BlackBerry) with the same source code. With the brand new version (V3.0) NeoMAD has created a structure allowing it to target various different technologies relying on different programming languages (Java, C++, C#, Objective-C…). This flexibility will allow NeoMAD to keep pace with the constant evolution of a booming market…