NeoMAD 4.0 is available

Create native mobile applications for all platforms from a single code and project

A simplified entry project

NeoMAD V.4.0 simplifies your development through the integration of Java 6 and a new resource management system. These two enhancements make the original project closest from native platforms and native practices. This improves development productivity.

NeoMAD Transformer

A complete built-in tool coming with NeoMAD V4.0 to port and adapt in a few days timeframe, an existing Android or iOS application to all other market technologies for tablets, for phones and for connected objects.

API enhancements

The NeoMAD API is enriched with high-level components for the project structuration. These new functions will improve quality, scalability, and maintainability of the resulting applications.

New XML layouts

XML layouts have been enriched to have a better isolation between the graphic, the design and business tasks. Using this new features will also facilitate prototyping and cloning.

New documentation

Documentation has been enriched and better structured. You will find among most, a guide with new examples, a "how to" guide and a more comprehensive starting guide.


And more, many new features as IBeacon, NFC, SSO, Bluetooth 3.0 ...