Enter a single Java code for multiple targets


Native apps with optimised use and performance


A comprehensive tool for industrialising your developments


Sustainable apps which evolve with the market

A mobile development platform created by developers for developers

NeoMAD was designed by a team of developers aware of market requirements and their upgradability. Do you want to quickly create native apps, optimised for each target? Do you want to develop these apps over time efficiently and sustainably? Then NeoMAD is for you!

A comprehensive solution for an industrial, evolutive and controlled approach for your digital mobile strategy.

NeoMAD will enable you to deploy your digital mobile strategy whilst optimising costs and the reactivity of your development teams. NeoMAD will also enable you to extend the coverage of your services and protects your development investment from market's rapid evolutions.

Choosing NeoMAD is to guarantee the rationalisation of development, test, maintenance and evolution processes for your apps.

Latest news

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NeoMAD 3.7.1 is now available! This maintenance release provides small enhancements and fixes. See the full Release Notes of NeoMAD 3.7.1. Don't… Read more →

They are using NeoMAD


“ Thanks to Neomades and its development environment, our clients are able to implement and deploy a range of services and solutions via our tools, and thus adapt to the evolutions of society in terms of flexibility and mobility. GCT Mobility© is an innovative and integrated offer initially covering all the functions of our time management range, and subsequently enriched with business and human resource management functions. Our collaboration with Neomades has been rich, enabling our teams to quickly acquire skills in order to perfectly merge our respective fields of expertise. The NeoMAD framework is for us, both a powerful development tool and also a way to future proof ourselves against upcoming mobility technologies and devices. ”

Ludovic GERARD
Ludovic GERARD
CTO Software Div. / Enterprise time and activities management