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A single code for multiple targets and formats


Native apps with optimised use and performance


A comprehensive tool for industrialising your developments


Sustainable apps which evolve with the market

A complete solution for an industrial, progressive and controlled approach to support your mobile digital strategy

NeoMAD allows you to deploy your mobile digital strategy on all equipments respecting their native behaviour, while optimizing costs and deadlines.

NeoMAD offers an industrial approach that protects your original investment and helps you to follow market evolutions and to integrate your business changes in a more agile and efficient way.

With NeoMAD, you can enrich your internal and external business processes using mobility and integrate them safely into your existing IT.

By choosing NeoMAD, you will ensure industrialization and perenity of development, test, production, maintenance and update processes for your mobile, tablets and connected objects applications.

Stratégie digitale

A complete solution to natively address all mobiles and connected objects

Développement mobile multiplateforme

From a single project, you build your native applications for mobile phones, tablets and connected objects (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows). NeoMAD allows you :

  • To create your applications faster while reducing cost
  • To centralize their maintenance and evolution
  • To optimize skills in your teams
  • To simplify testing and quality control processes
  • To integrate your mobile projects in the industrial processes of your enterprise

Thanks to the NeoMAD abstraction layer, you will divide by 3 to 5 initial cost and TTM of your applications and you can update them more easily in a continuously evolving ecosystem.

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They are using NeoMAD


“As a mobile games developer, we are extremely difficult to satisfy with regard to the performances of the frameworks we use since the quality of application development and porting are crucial to our business. The NeoMAD solution has enabled us to significantly improve our production process, and also save in terms of porting and testing, whilst maintaining a high level of quality.”

Sébastien Martin
Sébastien Martin