How to build universal and profitable mobile applications for the enterprise?

Your business must now consider mobility as an essential component of its digital strategy:

  • To offer new services, innovative access paths and new interaction ways with customers,
  • To change your internal processes to more agility.

Applications for mobile phones, tablets and connected objects become therefore crucial. But to deploy them industrially, you have to address four key challenges:

Maximizing coverage

of your mobile services to address the broadest possible market, as and wherever needed. You need to make them available on all devices, while respecting native behaviours for each of them.

Reducing time and implementation costs

of your services to follow smoothly your market needs and your business evolutions without increasing investments. You need to unify developments and to centralize app support and maintenance.

Protecting your mobile services

and the resulting investment from erratic market modifications. You must also integrate your services in the legacy IT while guarantying a complete security and a full independence of their respective life cycles.

Generating long-term benefits

for the company while following the evolution of its businesses and leveraging the app assets. You need to industrialize the life cycle of your mobile services for their maintenance, evolution, quality, usage and continuity of integration.

NeoMAD is the Business solution to answer these challenges

Use NeoMAD to create native applications for all devices respecting deadlines and costs

  • all equipments to maximize your mobile service coverage;
  • defining targets according to the real needs of your business and the market evolutions, with an incremental approach;
  • respecting native behaviours of each user community as they have habits and as usages are different according to the type of use situation (eg, an application can display information sequentially on a mobile phone screen but must offer multiple windows on a tablet and for safety reasons, must speak in a moving car).

Use NeoMAD to protect your software investment from market volatility for your business evolution and needs

  • your mobile service must be regularly adapted to follow the market evolution in terms of equipments and usage; without this continuous updating you could see the users acceptance reducing, or even your offers disappearing from marketplaces because of non-compliance;
  • your mobile service must evolve to reflect your business changes.

Use NeoMAD to industrialize the applications lifecycle to generate long term benefits for your enterprise

  • you test and monitor developments and services quality on an ongoing basis,
  • you integrate your mobile apps with the enterprise IT respecting all security rules,
  • you maintain, clone or adapt mobile applications,
  • you deploy services and monitor them as much on quantitative and qualitative aspects than on the safety ones,
  • you leverage knowhow across multiple applications and services,
  • you limit the requested competencies for a long time service.