The team

Discover the faces behind Neomades

Jean-Gilles Hoursiangou

Co-fondateur de Neomades & CEO

Co-founder & CEO of Neomades
After 20 years in international development missions for large software groups (Dassault Systemes, AT&T, Sequent, IBM), Jean-Gilles held COO and business development positions in several NTIC startups in Europe. He’s a specialist in embedded applications and mobility software. He provides Neomades with vision and is responsible for business development and F&A.
Jean-Gilles holds a DEA (equivalent to MSc – NVQ Level 5) in Computer Science (University Paris 7 – 1981).

Maxime Dubois

Co-founder of Neomades & CTO

Maxime specialises, amongst other things, in mobile development and embedded systems. He has been developing mobile apps from the cradle for organisations like Infusio, SAGEM and Vivendi. At Neomades, he is responsible for technological development and is the natural leader who sets free the creativity of the team’s engineers.
Maxime holds an MSc in Computer Engineering (Compiegne University of Technology – 2003).

Jean-Charles Di Fusco

Project Manager

After several experiences in the music and energy industries, Jean-Charles switches to the mobile one. Listening to the needs and curious by nature, it can meet most challenges and adapt himself to all situations. With his quiet strength, he takes the right time to answer, but the answer is worth it! For Neomades, he works on the back end design and development and brings his experience of quality control and testing processes.Jean-Charles holds a engineering degree of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines d'Ales in 2006, a French Institute for Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Nicolas Mingo

Software Architect

Nicolas is passionate about electronics and discovered the field of mobiles almost by chance … But now he’s one of the most experienced experts on the subject and when he talks about it, he enthuses those around him. For Neomades, his role as a software architect is essential: he is behind the idea of of integrating the technologies which form the current basis of NeoMAD.
Nicolas is a computer engineer (ESTIA – 2003).

Marie-Dominique Iribarren

Human Resources

Marie-Dominique is both rigorous and zen. She’s the team’s conscience. At Neomades she deals with everything to do with human resources – integration, monitoring, training and the well-being of all the team’s members – whilst at the same time maintaining the group’s substance and effectiveness.
Marie-Dominique holds an MA in Communication (University Montaigne Bordeaux 3 – 1991).

Aurélien Caraty


Aurélien dreams about diving into the ocean to brush shoulders with the fish … But as the water’s not always warm enough, plus he doesn’t only eat fish, he’s also passionate about mobile development. He’s highly meticulous about the graphic interfaces of apps … At Neomades Aurélien works on creating interface tools and sometimes implements them for client creations.
Aurélien is a computer engineer (ESTIA – 2009).

Damien Urruty


Damien knows how to party, with style and the right people! But the day after, he’s at work, efficient and available, ready to solve a thorny trans-compilation problem. At Neomades, he is one of the builders of the multi-platform solution.
Damien is a computer engineer (INSA – 2010).

Julien Hertout


Julien is the group’s wise man. He’s both discrete and calm, but everyone in the team waits for his approval before ratifying a decision.
For Neomades, he ensures the integration of new platforms and innovative functionalities which appear on the market.
Julien is a computer engineer (ESTIA – 2009).

Romain Ourgorry


Romain is the team’s youngest member. When he’s not at work, he’s a passionate sportsman always wanting to have fun and above all win! At Neomades, he’s always coming up with new ideas and pushing back the boundaries. He’s highly involved in multi-platform support and the implementation of collaboration tools.
Romain has a Technical Degree in Computing (IUT Bayonne – 2011).

Eric Esmerian

Senior Business Developer

Eric has been in the services and software industry for 25 years (Unilog, Baan, Informatica). He’s therefore built solid relations with major clients both in France and abroad, and brings with him this solid network. His grey hair gives credibility to our innovative ideas, selling our business and opening the doors of sometimes distant decision-makers.
He also spends much of his time cycling across France.
Eric graduated from International Busines School in 1984.