NeoMAD at a glance

Create native mobile applications for all platforms from a single code and project

iOS - iPhone - iPad
iPhone / iPad
Windows Phone 8 - Windows 10 Mobile
Windows Phone
Windows 10
Windows 10
BlackBerry *
Nokia Asha
Nokia Asha *
Java ME
Java ME *

Who is NeoMAD for?

NeoMAD is aimed for companies wishing to provide durable applications for smartphones, tablets and connected objects, either to clients or for internal use. NeoMAD users are large enterprises, systems integrators, software publishers, Marketing Agencies ...

What skills do I need?

The only skill needed to use NeoMAD is Java programming. With this and the Generic API provided with NeoMAD, developers can quickly create and produce native applications for all mobile platforms.

What is the working environment ?

NeoMAD is installed on your desktop (Windows or MacOS). You can use it with a built-in Eclipse plugin or via a command line. Native applications based on each native SDKs are generated by NeoMAD from the single NeoMAD project and tested on the emulator or directly on your mobile.

How can I produce my applications?

NeoMAD uses a home-made transcompiler and the target technology SDK to produce native runtimes. It also generates native source projects for each of them. These projects can be edited and modified by the developer.

How can I industrialise my applications?

NeoMAD includes a setting and conditioning system enabling resources, languages, environments and functionalities to be dynamically modified. You can thus generate different versions of your application from a single source code, either during compilation or execution.

How can I follow market evolution?

The NeoMAD abstraction API enables you to adapt your development to the evolution of both existing and upcoming technologies. Neomades regularly updates its versions and, by simply recompiling, your application will work correctly on new OS versions.

* BlackBerryOS, Nokia Asha and Java ME support is available in NeoMAD 3.8. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting those platforms.

Why choosing NeoMAD?

A single code for all the market’s technologies

  • Cover all formats (tablets and mobiles) and technologies (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8, BlackBerryOS*, Nokia Asha*, Java ME*) with a single code
  • Target new platforms as you go according to your needs and at a marginal additional cost
  • Simplify skills and gain faster access to the market

Native applications for greater ease of use

  • Create native projects respecting the specific behavior of each platform thus guaranteeing an enhanced user experience
  • Generate runtimes via the production chains of each target
  • Free yourself from device specific adaptations thanks to an abstraction layer integrating semantics

Java entry to facilitate adoption by the community

  • 100% common Java code for UI, technical and business layers to target mobiles and tablets
  • Total integration in development, testing , simulation, code management, quality, continuous integration tools (eg. Eclipse, SonarQube, Jenkins, etc.)
  • Full compliance to developer community practices

A customisable tool for total independence

  • Integration of third party libraries and native code whilst preserving the industrial production process
  • Ability to access and modify projects generated to add pre-existing elements
  • Great flexibility in overriding possibilities of NeoMAD classes

Control the application cycle throughout its life

  • Dynamic conditioning system for code, resources and methods
  • Single point maintenance for all platforms
  • Industrialisation tools to clone applications without code modification
  • Industrial process support for continuous integration, quality and testing

Evolutive to adapt to market changes

  • Agile architecture enabling new functionalities to be quickly integrated
  • Ready for new platforms integration (eg. Tizen, Firefox OS...)
  • Open to specific code and libraries support
  • Ready to support new devices thanks to its semantic abstraction layer (eg. working differently in a car according to whether it is moving or not)

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