NeoMAD features

NeoMAD handles the following features in its libraries:

Life Cycle


  • Abstraction of keyboard issues
  • Interruption management
  • Timer management



  • Image loading and caching
  • Palette management
  • Image and text display
  • Transformations of images: rotation, mirror

User interface


  • Set of widgets: button, label, textfield, textarea, menu, list…
  • Touchscreen and keyboard support
  • Event management

Texts and fonts


  • Font abstraction: system and graphical fonts
  • Internationalization
  • Mono or multi languages runtimes

Resources management


  • Images
  • Sounds
  • Fonts
  • Texts
  • Raw Data
  • External libraries



  • Communications: HTTP, HTTPS (POST and GET), parallel multi-connexions, sessions
  • SMS: sending and receiving
  • Browser
  • Phone calls



  • Device inquiry
  • Service search
  • Service registration
  • Connections
  • Sending and receiving messages



  • Vibration
  • Audio (mp3, wav, midi, x-tone-seq, mmf, amr…)
  • Video (mp4, 3gp…)
  • Streaming (rtsp…)
  • Multi-track management
  • Player controls (play, pause, resume, forward, rewind, volume, mute)

Phone contacts


  • Access read/write to the contact list

Local storage


  • Read/write to the phone memory
  • Access the file system