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Nouvelle Chance pour l'Orientation

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Nouvelle Chance pour l'Orientation
As part of help for initiatives to support economic transformation by the Aquitaine Regional Council, AGEFOS – PME is taking part in a local initiative to support the needs of businesses in the Oloron area in terms of skills.

The ‘‘Local Skills Passport’’ and ‘‘Enhancing Industrial Professions’’ working groups set up solutions in this area, have decided to carry out an experiment called “New Chance for Opporunities” (NCO) with companies and local employment & education partners. The aim of this experiement is to help young people deciding on a career, in training or looking for a first job, and to discover the most promising jobs in terms of employment prospects in the Aquitaine area.

The experiment is naturally based on a mobile solution, which consists of an application for mobiles and tablets, and an administration back-office enabling employment players to pilot the experiment, its use and users. The application is using resource packs according to the different business sectors targetted.

The NCO application provides to users key information on the technics used for each sectors, the training path to access these activities, the main actors of the sectors and the corresponding jobs offers. NCO combines images, video and serious games.

The first version of the application has been publish addressing foundry and machining sector. It will be enriched in June 2016 by the boilerwork sector.

This application is currently available on mobiles and tablets using iOS and Android.