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Travel to Translate – ADT

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ADT International is now one of the leading translation company on the French and Belgian market, with continued growth of its workforce and its operations worldwide.
To better know their expertise and dynamism, ADT Internationnal chose an unusual way for their market: propose a serious game that can evolve over time, both in terms of areas and in terms of technologies.
Tiki Move, a Neomades partner, has created this serious game for ADT Internationlal: You are planning a trip? Learn quickly dozens of words in the local language while having fun in sumptuous places in New York, Mexico City, Dubai, Seoul, Paris ...
By finding hidden in the biggest tourist attractions in the world in the shortest time items, you will find the translation in English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean ...
Looking the capital, the official language or the currency of a country? Visit our play cards and always learn useful information on each country.
It's Christmas and you want to wish for in a foreign language? Visit our leaflet "How do you say? "To find the translations to use for different occasions.
This application is currently available on Android and iOSmobile phones and tablets technologies.

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