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OPCALIM A'lliances

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A'lliances Nomades: the mobility to help for expertise co-construction and sharing between food companies federated by OPCALIM.

OPCALIM federates most of the food industry companies in France, to meet their challenges in terms of qualifications, expertises, employments and norms according to the State's priorities.

A'lliance is an OPCALIM initiative to create a community of voluntary members to create, co-build and share expertises and skills specific to their industry.

The solution, A'lliances Nomades, proposes to people in charge of human resources management of food industry companies, tools to identify needs and practices, to share them and to make them evolve around four main areas: skills, expertise, collaborative approaches and personalized support.

The implemented solution is based on an application for mobiles and tablets and a back-office for animation and for mediation.

For A'lliances members, this solution facilitates access to information, improves the distribution of existing contents, increases collaboration in the community and simplifies the usage constraints of usage and logistics.

For OPCALIM, A'lliances Nomades creates a dynamic community, improves its offer's adequacy to its affiliate's requests and contributes to improve its image for both the industry and the State administration.

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